Jason D. Rowley is a venture capital and technology reporter based in Chicago.

East South Central’s Most Active Investors

Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama are home to another set of interesting investors, albeit ones that are generally less active than their counterparts a little further west. Startups in these four states raised just eight percent of the region’s venture rounds in 2017.

Below, you’ll find a chart displaying the most active investors in this region.

The most active investor in this subregion, Innova Memphis, is an early-stage biotechnology and agtech investor. The firm has made recent investments in companies like drone-based crop analytics provider Skycision, blood pathogen separation technology firm PATH EX, and Preteckt, which uses machine learning to anticipate vehicle service needs.

Velocity Accelerator is based in Birmingham’s Innovation Depot, a 140,000 square foot facility which is home to nearly 100 startups and small businesses. Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Dynamo is another program which focuses on the logistics sector. Dynamo’s portfolio is also surprisingly diverse, from a geographic perspective, with investments in Seattle-based Seeva, London, UK-based Zeelo, and SkyDrop, which is based in Monterrey, Mexico.

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