Founded in 2007, Innova is a pre-seed, seed and early-stage investor focused on starting and funding high-growth companies in the Biosciences, Technology and AgTech fields. Innova links capital with great ideas to create groundbreaking products and services.

Innova’s investment strategy was partially shaped by a change in the venture industry as a whole. Increasingly, traditional venture capital companies focus less on true early-stage investing as the financial risk/reward metrics have shifted in favor of later stage investing. This change in the industry has left a “funding gap” that has made it extremely difficult for startups in their formative stages to have access to venture capital. This lack of seed capital poses a long-term threat to our innovation-based economy and our country’s future competitiveness as a whole.

We know how to coach and build new companies, which is key to this unique venture capital segment.  In addition, Innova has developed a strong pipeline of potential early-stage investment opportunities that align with regional industry clusters and economic development priorities, as well as a pool of entrepreneurs and executives to compliment early-stage inventors and entrepreneurs. Starting a company from scratch is hard, but Innova’s hands-on approach greatly increases the likelihood of long-term commercial success.

Innova’s unique history combined with the industry experience and investment expertise of our team allows us to implement the following tactics to execute our strategy of finding, funding and growing early-stage, high-growth companies to achieve significant investment returns.