Companies piloting technology with MTA to improve New York City subway, bus service

NEW YORK (WABC) — The MTA has partnered with technology companies with the goal of creating new products designed to improve transit services.

The partnership, dubbed Transit Tech Lab, launched in October 2018 with a competition in which almost 100 companies pitched products that could solve problems within the New York City public transit system. The Transit Tech Lab is managed by the Partnership for New York City.

Four companies were selected and will now pilot their technologies with the MTA.

Axon Vibe and Veovo will focus on finding a better way to predict subway incident impacts and serve customers.

Axon Vibe is piloting an app that will help subway commuters plan trips and alert them of disruptions. Veovo’s technology will measure the number of passengers moving through a subway station to identify crowding and make service more efficient.

Preteckt and Remix, on the other hand, are trying to make MTA buses faster and more efficient.

Preteckt is studying vehicle data from buses to predict system failures at least 48 hours before the Check Engine light is activated and the bus must be removed from service.

Remix is providing software to more quickly and efficiently produce the bus network redesign. The software uses demographic data.

Each participating company will work with over the course of a year to operationalize its technology.