Memphis-based Restore Medical Solutions Inc. is launching its latest sterilization product.

The company announced the release of Restore iQ during the Association of Operating Room Nurses Surgical Conference & Expo 2015 in Denver.

Restore iQ is designed to be used in conjunction with the hospital’s current surgical baskets, allowing users to re-assemble and organize ring-handled instruments for more effective point of use cleaning, decontamination and increased productivity.

“Restore iQ was created for the purpose of maximizing the functionality of currently used surgical trays,” said Ryan Ramkhelawan, chief technology officer for Restore Medical. “We developed the technology to enhance patient care, increase efficiency and promote safety at a price that’s cost-conscious. The launch comes at a time when hospitals are in search for better solutions to help increase quality of care and reducing complications in surgery. We are extremely proud to offer another best in class technology to our clients.”

Michael Wright, vice president of operations for FACHE Hospital, said the issue of surgical-site infections is a common one among hospital administrators, and a product that helps reduce the risk is a strong option.

“The state of the art Intelligent Modular Sterilization Tray System and the cost effective Restore iQ solution will not only make the sterilization process more efficient but also lead to decreasing potential SSIs due to a reduction in debris, biofilm, and bioburden on surgical instruments,” Wright said.

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