Four teams focused on bringing new medical devices to market this week began a 12-week accelerator program as the third entrepreneurial class selected by the Memphis Bioworks Foundation.

The ZeroTo510 Medical Device accelerator program provides mentors for the teams at Bioworks’ Memphis Medical Center-area facilities as well as $50,000 in seed funding provided by two investors, Innova and MB Venture Partners.

Before going to market, new medical devices undergo regulatory review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration through a process known as 510(k) clearance. The accelerator program aims to help achieve that goal.

The latest four devices selected for ZeroTo510 are:

A tracking system that helps reduce the amount of blood wasted at hospitals in compliance procedures. The team is led by a recent graduate of Vanderbilt University.

A low-cost system using blown carbon dioxide to help reduce discomfort during colonoscopies. It uses technology patented by Vanderbilt.

Diagnostic technology providing a biomechanical snapshot of woman’s pelvic floor before surgery, developed by a team from Oxford, Mississippi.

A new type of compression sleeve, used to improved blood circulation, using a shape-memory alloy. A team from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, created it.

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