Montreal, Canada—Dec. 3, 2013— HAAS Security introduces its first integrated security system to help prevent cargo theft in Canada. This system, designed for trailers and intermodal containers, provides real cargo security whether the inventory is in transit or storage.


The TrakLok Cargo active security system combines physical security with real-time global monitoring and an onboard alarm system, which is gaining favor with manufacturers and carriers of sensitive and high-value products that require heavy security. According to the company, the GeoLok withstands prying, cutting or impact tools, and sends alerts for unauthorized attempts to access cargo.


In addition to all these tracking features, the TrakLok system secures the locking of the trailer or container doors with a smart lock. It offers geo-fencing and chrono-fencing capabilities that prohibit the lock from opening if it is outside a prescribed area and timeframe.


The GeoLok ensures that, thanks to the TragLog Web Interface Management portal, only the right person at the right place and at the right time may access the cargo. It helps reduce liability and operational costs both for the high-value cargo, as well as the high-risk transport or storage of hazardous material.


HAAS Security, a Canadian company based in Montreal, secured distribution rights for Canada with TrakLok International of Knoxville, Tenn. HAAS Security expects to launch TrakLok at the first Cargo Logistics Canada Expo-Conference on January 29 and 30, 2014 in Vancouver.

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