Advanced Catheter Therapies, a Chattanooga, TN-based company has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Occlusion Perfusion Catheter (OPC). The company aims to treat vascular diseases such as thrombosis, vascular occlusions and re-stenosis through the use of  novel catheter based technologies. The Occlusion Perfusion Catheter solves the problem of vascular re-stenosis by using a multi-lumen balloon catheter with two side balloons to create a temporary occlusion so that diagnostic or pharmacological agents can be delivered to a specific region of the vasculature. In essence, a treatment “chamber” is created with two balloons and the OPC device is able to measure the pressure inside the chamber using a fiber optic sensor, as well as the flow into and out of the chamber. This guarantees proper occlusion and a measured delivery of agents exactly where needed. The device is a 5 Fr. catheter compatible with a 6 Fr. sheath and can be used both in the peripheral as well as the coronary vascular system.

Advanced Catheter Therapies currently has a product portfolio of seven devices including the OPC device, an atherectomy device and a thrombectomy device for the treatment of vascular diseases.

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